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What Does an Electrician Do?

Think you need to call an electrician when your power goes out? Well, think again!

There are many things that electricians can do for you, from installing new wiring to fixing broken fixtures.

Many people don’t even realize how much an electrician can help until something goes wrong.

So if you’re wondering what an electrician does, keep reading! First, we’ll go over some of the most common services these professionals provide.

An electrician does Install Electrical Wiring and Equipment

One of the most common services electricians provide is installing electrical wiring and equipment.

It can include everything from putting in new light fixtures to setting up a whole new electrical system.

To do this, electricians need to understand how electricity works and how to install electrical equipment safely.

Electrician does Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

If something goes wrong with your electrical system, you may need to call an electrician to troubleshoot the problem.

It includes identifying the source of the issue and fixing it as quickly and safely as possible. 

Electricians have experience in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of electrical problems.

So, they can efficiently resolve issues that you might not have even realized are connecting to your electrical system.

Maintaining and Repairing Electrical Equipment

Electricians are also responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment they install. 

It is essential for equipment exposed to extreme weather conditions or other elements since they’ll need regular maintenance to work correctly. 

Electricians also often work on older electrical systems, which can sometimes require a lot of upkeep and repairs.

Updating and Upgrading Electrical Systems

In some cases, electricians may also be responsible for updating and upgrading electrical systems.

It can involve anything from adding new features to the system to replacing outdated equipment.

Electricians need to keep themselves and others safe at all times.

So, these professionals need to know how to work with electricity in a way that’s both effective and safe.

Since they also have to install and maintain electrical equipment, electricians will usually need an in-depth knowledge of how electricity works.

Electricians benefit from hands-on experience, so many professionals will start as apprentices and work their way up.

It allows them to learn the basics of the trade before moving on to more advanced tasks.


If you still aren’t sure what an electrician does, hopefully, this helped clear things up.

Electricians are responsible for:

  • Installing
  • Maintaining
  • Repairing electrical systems
  • New wiring to fix faulty equipment.

They’ll also need to troubleshoot any problems that arise with your system safely and effectively.

Most electricians start their careers as apprentices before moving on to more advanced tasks like updating or upgrading systems.

What an electrician does is often relatively similar no matter where they work, so their experience can help them pick up the job quickly.

If you ever have any electrical problems at home or work, don’t hesitate to call us at Impact Electrical.

We provide electrical services to our customers in the Auckland region.

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