Smart Vent Installation

Smart vents can be a great way to regulate the temperature of your home, as well as save money!

Find out more about smart vent installation in NZ and if it is the right choice for your home or property.

No matter what electrical equipment you need installing in your home, Impact Electrical has the skills and experience you need!


What Is The Benefit Of Smart Vent Installation ?

Electronically Controlled

A smart vent is an electronically controlled air vent that is installed in the room (or rooms) of your choice at home.

Control Temperature

A smart vent allows you to control the temperature in each room, working with your HVAC system to provide the optimal temperature.

Automatic System

Smart vents can automatically determine when the temperature of a room needs to change.

For example, your vent will automatically turn off when it senses that people have left a room, or turn on when it senses a rise in humidity.

Improve The Comfort

Smart vents can improve the comfort levels in your home, cooling overly warm rooms, as well as heating rooms that are too cold.

They're an excellent option for helping you keep cool in the hot New Zealand weather!

Easily Manageable

Many smart vents come with smart panels and smartphone apps so you can manage your vents easily.

For example, you can set your vents to warm up a room before you go into it, or tell your vents to start cooling the home when you leave work for the evening.

Smart vents can also work with your smart thermostats for added functionality.

Energy Efficient

Smart vents can help save money on your bills.

It's estimated that you can save as much as 30% on your energy bills with smart vents, although the actual value will depend on how many smart vents you have, as well as the layout of your home.

Most of the people we have spoken to say that changing their home's temperature on demand is the key benefit for them!

You don't have to replace all your vents with smart vents, but the more you have in your home – the more effective and energy-efficient the overall system will be.

If you are on a budget, you may choose to install smart vents in specific problem areas instead.


If you are interested in the benefits that a smart vent system can provide, Impact Electrical is here to help.

Smart vents are intricate pieces of electrical equipment, and we would recommend that they are installed by a qualified, competent electrical professional.

Impact Electrical will work with you to install your brand new smart vent system in Auckland, providing a high-quality and professional service.

Why Choose Us For Smart Vent Installation

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Impact Electrical for your smart vent installation requirements.

9+Years Experience

Our team of experienced electricians have over nine years of experience providing electrical installation services across Auckland and

New Zealand

Professional Support

We will work with you to find the right smart vent system for your needs, looking at how many vents you will need, what size they need to be, and the best place to put them.

We can also integrate your brand new vent system with other smart systems in your home


We're fully licensed and registered, ensuring that your smart vent installation will not only provide you with a pleasant home environment, but also be safe and compliant


Our pricing is competitive and transparent – the price you see is the price you pay.

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We're available whenever you need us and can provide installation services outside of regular working hours.

We can install your smart vent system in the evening, in the early morning, or at weekends

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We have a wide range of home electrics experience and can carry out any task from equipment installations through to lighting and cabling fitouts.

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