About Impact Electrical

Professional Electrician Since 2012

Why Do We Exist?

At Impact electrical, We aim to help Aucklanders with any electrical projects with ease and comfort, so they don't have to go through the hassles.


What are the main focal characters in growing our business?







Full responsibility

Customer satisfaction.


We are willing to take extra steps to make our work safe, following the code of compliance to AS/NZS 3000 or any other required standards, and second to none, always clean our mess.


We thoroughly discuss what they want with the owners and how we can meet in the middle.


Why are our prices competitive with others but have better workmanship?

Many of our customers and the general public thinks trade prices are high, and some may delay fixing urgent house problem issues.


We are aware of this. Therefore, we don't charge extra margins on materials. Whatever the trade price we get, we apply the same to our loyal customers (and they are generally happy with it!)


Another core characteristic will like to embed in our culture is trust.

Others may hide vital pieces of information, do non-compliant work, cut corners, and use low-quality materials. Much to one's regret, customers don't know the differences.

That's why trust is so vital when it comes to using tradies.

We firmly believe we got nothing to hide from the get-go and nothing has to be.


Doing the proper job and delivering professional quality is there we need.

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