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Did You Know?

Did you know that if 50% of New Zealanders purchased an electric vehicle (EV), we would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an incredible six billion kilograms every year?

EVs are a fantastic way to help the environment, as well as save money on fuel and running costs too!

If you have recently purchased an electric vehicle, you will need to install an electric vehicle charger to ensure it keeps running.

This is where Impact Electrical can help with EV home charger installation.

We can install a high-quality EV charger for your home or commercial property, helping you to keep your car on the road.

Find out the benefits of EV home charger installation, and how Impact Electrical can be of service.


The Benefits Of Having Your Very Own EV Charger

New Zealand already has a network of public EV chargers, but there are a wide range of benefits to having your own EV charger, either at home or your place of work. These include:


Knowing that your EV charger will be available for you to use any time you want

Also, Knowing that you can leave your car charging while you are working, or relaxing at home


Convenience & Security

The convenience and security of knowing that you don’t have to travel to charge your car


Offering charging as an incentive. If you have an EV charger at work, you can provide charging as a perk, helping to boost staff morale and encouraging them to come to the office

Make Our Planet Greener Place

Knowing that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, and helping to make the world a greener place


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EV chargers are intricate pieces of electrical equipment, and need to be installed by a qualified electrician.

We would definitely recommend that you don’t do this yourself!

If you would like an EV charger installed, Impact Electrical is here to help.

We can install an EV charger at the location of your choice.

Contact us today to see how we can help keep you green!

Why choose Impact Electrical for your EV home charger installation needs?

So, you’ve decided that an electric vehicle is the perfect choice for your lifestyle and needs… that’s great! Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Impact Electrical to install your EV charger for you.

9+Years Of Experience

Impact Electrical has over nine years of experience providing electrical installation, maintenance and servicing to businesses and homes across Auckland and the surrounding areas


All the installations we carry out are OSH compliant, and we are fully conversant with EV charging best practice and regulations.

You’d be surprised how many electrical installation companies aren’t!


We can provide other energy-saving services too.

If you are looking to completely overhaul your electrical needs, in order to reduce your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint – we’re here to help.

We will work with you to install more energy-efficient products and equipment, to help your home or commercial property become more green.


  Our pricing is competitive. If you have an EV charger installation quote from a local electrician, we are confident that we can match or beat it

·      The price we offer is the price you pay; there are no hidden surprises or unexpected extras!


We can work around your busy schedule. Our team of electricians are available for early morning and late evening work, as well as weekends

Choose Right

There are a wide range of EV chargers out there, and we will help you choose the right charger for your needs.

No matter what your budget, space or lifestyle needs are, we will work with you to provide the perfect charging setup


We can maintain and repair your EV charger too. If there are issues with your EV charger, we will be there to help get it back to full functionality.

If you are based in Auckland, we can be at your home or workplace in under four hours!

Want to install a brand new EV charger? Get in touch with Impact Electrical today!

Whether at your home, office or store – we are here to help you become more energy efficient.

Send us an email or call us today, and we will provide you with your very own no-obligation quote. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!




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