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Our Electrical Services In North Shore Include

Residential Electrician In North Shore

Homeowners need to be able to trust the electrician they hire to work in their home.

However, It is not easy to find a qualified, licensed electrician in North Shore you can trust.

If you are looking for an electrician who is reliable and trustworthy

Then, Impact Electrical is the right solution for you.

We are licensed and insured electrician North Shore and have been working in the industry for more than 9 years.

Whether your electrical problem is small or big, let us be the only qualified electricians you will ever need!

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Our Electrician In North Shore can carry out the following residential electrical services for you:

  • Installing and repairing

  • Powerpoints and charging outlets

  • Light switches

  • Showers

  • Fuse boards

  • Heated towel rails

  • Ceiling fans

  • Lighting (indoor, outdoor and security)

  • Spa pool and swimming pool circuits.

  • Repair Heaters and pumps

  • Smoke detectors and fire alarms

  • Automatic gate controls

  • Security alarms.

  • Underfloor heating

  • New home wiring and rewiring

  • General electrical maintenance and repair

  • Household energy-saving solutions
(for example, replacing your lights with LEDs)

  • Compliance services for landlords

  • Bathroom renovations


Commercial Electrician North Shore

Do You need reliable and experienced commercial electricians in North Shore for your company, but, are not sure where to start?

No need to look further!

Impact electrical is the perfect choice for your business.

Our commercial electricians have over 9 years of experience in the industry and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality services

at a cost-effective price.

We understand the importance of keeping your company up and running.

Therefore, we will always work our hardest to meet your deadlines.

If you have any other services that need carrying out or products that need installing, Let us know.

We'd be happy to help!

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We’ve been working with commercial organisations across North Shore for over nine years as electrician north shore.

Whether you run an :

  • Office
  • Store
  • School
  • Factory
  • Cafe
  • Or other business

We’re here to help!

Our expert electricians in North Shore can carry out the following commercial electrical services for your business.

  • Power points and light switch installation

  • Lighting installations and upgrades

  • Surge protection

  • Switchboard and control panel installation

repair and maintenance

  • Security alarm and security lighting installation

  • Cable wiring and network cabling

  • Office, store and business fit-outs

  • General electrical maintenance and repair

  • Emergency lighting installation

Emergency callouts

  • Electrical equipment testing (test and tag)

  • Energy efficiency and streamlining services

This isn’t an exhaustive list.

If you have any other requirements let us know.

We’d be more than happy to help!

Why We Stand Out As Best Electrician North Shore

  • 9+ Years Of Experience 
  •  Less Than 4 Hrs
  • Pricing
  • Availability
  • Energy Saving
  • Support
9+ Years Of Experience 

We have nine years of experience providing residential services to businesses as an electrician in North Shore.

We can manage and run your project from start to finish.

Whether you are looking for a complete home restoration or renovating one room.

We are here to help as we perform quality workmanship.

 Less Than 4 Hrs

If your electrical installations fail, It's essential to get them fixed as soon as possible.

We can get to you in less than four hours based in North Shore.


Our registered electrician North Shore offers a competitive and reasonable price.

for residential and commercial services.

If you have a quote from a local electrician, We're confident that we can match it or beat it.

Also, the price we give you is the price you pay.

No no hidden surprises or unexpected extras!


People have busy schedules, and we can work around you to provide a service at a time best suited to your needs.

We can carry out work in the morning, evening or at weekends from your bedroom to your bathroom, and we can do it all.

Energy Saving

We offer a wide range of services to help you make your home or business more energy-efficient.

From installation, we can install lighting solutions that will reduce electricity use and lower costs for both the property owner and utility companies!


Our team of experts will continue to support your need even when our work is complete.

We will make sure our team maintains customer service excellence!

So give us a call today for all your electrical needs.



Allen was excellent in service and had good communication skills.

He showed up precisely on the dot.



He was a friendly and professional electrician in North Shore

I would recommend his exceptional service.

Jun Jung


Had Allan change one of my regular plugs to a 15Amp for my new coffee machine.

He was very professional, efficient, and prompt service.

We will be using impact electrical services again in the future when we remodel our kitchen!

August Hislop


It was a pleasure to have him for any electrical job.

I got the work done hastily and to a very high standard.

Thoroughly impressed!



Allen is a friendly electrician in North Shore.

He did an amazing job with lighting in my office before.

He did the work in a timely manner and efficient service.



I would recommend this guy to family and mates!

high-quality workmanship and service!!

Guys who you can rely on in North Shore.

Very professional. Clean work and fair price.



We use Impact Electrical as my subcontractor regularly, they are on time every time, have great service.

Best of all, Allen communicates very well to understand clients' needs. Would definitely recommend



Allen was great, he showed up exactly on the dot.

He was friendly and professional.

Would recommend.



Projects Done By Our Electrician In North Shore

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Registered Electricians use Rubber Gloves

Electricians use rubber gloves to protect their hands from shocks and burns.

The gloves also keep the electrician's hands clean and free of oil and grease.

Why electricians use the circuit diagram

Electricians use the circuit diagram to help them visualize the wiring of a circuit.

The chart makes it easier to troubleshoot electrical problems and to make repairs.

Electricians can also use it to plan new electrical projects.

Where are electricians needed most?

Electricians are needed most in industrial and commercial settings.

They are responsible for installing and repairing electrical systems in factories, offices, and other businesses.

Electricians also work on construction sites, installing electrical systems in new buildings.

Some electricians may also specialize in residential wiring.

Why do Electricians line up screws

Electricians line up screws to ensure a good electrical connection.

The screws hold the wires in place and create a tight connection, which prevents the current from flowing through the wire.

If the screws are not lined up properly, it can significantly reduce the amount of current that flows through the circuit.

It can cause problems with the electrical system and may even cause a fire.

How to determine electrical service size

When choosing an electrical service, it is important to choose one that is adequate for your needs.

The service should be able to handle the amount of current that your appliances and devices require.

You can determine the service size by looking at the amperage rating on the device.

The amperage rating is a measure of how current the device uses.

If you are not sure what size service you need, you can contact an electrician for assistance.

What is an electrician’s job?

An electrician is a tradesperson who installs and repairs electrical systems.

Electricians may work in a variety of settings, including industrial and commercial settings, construction sites, or residential homes.

They may specialize in a particular area, such as wiring or electrical repairs.

Electricians use a variety of tools and equipment to do their job, including screwdrivers, pliers, and voltage testers.

They must be aware of the potential dangers associated with working with electricity and take appropriate precautions to avoid injury.

What electrical work is notifiable

Any electrical work that is done in a home must be notifiable to the local electrical authority.

This includes any installation, alteration, or repair of an electrical system.

Notifying the local electrical authority is important because it helps ensure that all electrical work is done

safely and follows the code.

It also allows the authorities to perform routine inspections of electrical systems to ensure that they are safe.

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