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Welcome To Impact Electrical

Our 9 Years Of Top-notch and Trustworthy Electrical Services In Auckland Will Bring Your Home & Business Back To Life!



Cables and plugs may need to be burned, but we'll make your power points and charging outlet like new!

Are you tired of getting stuck behind closed automatic gates?

Our technicians are experts at installing automatic gate controls that won't lose power, allowing you to squeeze through on the way home.


Having Impact electrical come on board is an easy choice when you need expert power points and light switches installed at your commercial business.

We're passionate about making sure that you get the most out of your property while respecting the environment by using renewable resources for all our installations.

Impact Electrical does wonders for lighting installations and upgrades.


Smart Ventilation

Air vents can be a really frustrating problem, but there is no need to get mad or frustrated.

Impact Electrical can install your air vents and make sure they operate smoothly and efficiently.

We employ the latest in smart technology to make sure we get your home cool!

EV Charger Installation

It doesn’t matter if you need to charge your car, boat, or other vehicle.

Impact Electrical installation services come to you and install your EV charger so that life can be easy for you.

If you want the best prices on the widest range of EV chargers in New Zealand. Trust Impact!


Check Out What Our Clients Are Saying

I was so amazed of their services and support.

The service was fast, easy and right on time !

Thank you so much Allan and impact electrical team.

Highly recommendable to others!


Allen is a friendly electrician in our neighbourhood.

He did the lighting job in my office before.

I would recommend this guy to family and mates!

Kevin L

Great lad with plenty of experience and expertise in this field.

Was a pleasure to have him and got the work done hastily and to a very high standard.

Thoroughly Impressed

Jun Jung

Had Allan change one of my regular plugs to a 15Amp for my new coffee machine, he was very professional and efficient plus affordable.

Will definitely be using impact electricals services again in the future when we remodel our kitchen!

August Hislop

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